Welcome to Garrish Fine Art - Plein Air Oil Paintings, Florida

Exceptional art has the ability to transport the viewer to places they’d like to go, places in their memory or even places in their imagination. At the pinnacle of creativity, there is no limit to where a beautiful painting can take you.

Plein air landscape painting from Mary Garrish, an experienced artist in Florida, does exactly that. Both art enthusiasts and novice collectors all around the world enjoy Garrish’s work for its ability to take them away to majestic vistas, serene beaches, scenic hills, historic villages and many more.

Garrish has explored a bevy of painting techniques and styles, and uses many different skills to bring out the beauty of each location. Painting real scenes from all over the world, her work takes the depth and elegance of cities, seascapes, scenic skies and marshes and puts it on the canvas. For those who have visited Florida’s serene coast, Italy’s jeweled hillsides, Israel’s golden sands and the many other beautiful locales, it will transport them back, and those who have never been can travel there for the first time through her art.

For the many viewers that have not seen these far-away places, the scenes inspire serenity, romance, wonder and awe. Each painting is made to invoke all the senses; layers of color creating fascinating textures, beautiful colors inviting the scents and flavors of salt air and an entire scene that will hypnotize the eyes while casting a sense of peaceful serenity.

Using artistic approaches like glazing, which gives a layered effect that brings colors out and blends them harmoniously, or scumble, which blurs the detail beneath to soften edges and create a more warm and harmonized look, Garrish creates wonderful pieces of art that you’re sure to love.

Browse Garrish’s plein air oil paintings for sale to see her variety of seascapes, skyscapes, marshes, cities, hillsides, night scenes and many more scenes. To learn more about ordering a piece that speaks to you, call Garrish today at 321-698-4431.